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Sunday, March 2, 2014

I Need Your Opinion!

Hello friends.  I had a great morning yesterday.  I went to the Mesa Rubber Stamp Expo and boy did I have a good time!  It's so fun to see all the wonderful products out there for paper crafters.  Of course I bought a lot of goodies, mainly dies and some stamps.  But my favorite purchase is a set of watercolor pens.  I have never used them before, and have been wanting to try them.  I also got some stamps that are perfect to use with them.  I experimented with the colors and also the papers that I used with them.  Here is my question to  you.  Which result to your prefer, the plain paper or the watercolor paper?  It may just come down to personal preference, but I can't make up my mind!

                             Plain Paper               Watercolor Paper                     

I really like the texture of the watercolor paper, but the ink didn't touch all the surface of the paper.  But I think maybe it adds to the look.

Here is another one that I did on plain paper.

Please leave me a comment and sound off on what you think, and any experience that you have had with this technique!  I'd really love your input!


  1. It almost looks like the watercolors spread better on the plain paper. One problem I;ve had when I tried it was that the paper got too wet sometimes and did not lay flat. Love the irises.

    1. I know what you mean! I think I misted the stamp too heavily before I stamped it onto the paper. It does not need much water - oh well, I'll keep experimenting! Thanx so much for your response! Hugs, J.

  2. Wow, beautiful designs Joanne, such talent, the plain paper seemed to make the colors pop.

    Hugs diane

  3. I think you are right Diane. I will have to keep experimenting! I appreciate your input. Hugs!

  4. Both are great, Joanne. I guess it is all down to the 'look' you are going for. I use watercolour card because it can take a lot of water if you need to do a lot of washes. I think that both the images give a very professional painted look. xx

  5. Hey Joanne, I think they both are so nice. I really like that look. I think the one on the paper has a softer appearance and with a few dots of glitter I think it looks so nice. The fact that both look so nice, is why I can't pick!!LOL
    I was checking out the card you made for your daughter...very cute!

  6. All are beautiful, Joanne! What wonderful designs with your new watercolor pencils. I most like the poppies on the plain paper where they look softer.

  7. beautiful samples, can't wait to see what you come up with these... =)
    many times i also prefer the plain paper just because the image is looks more clean and sharp, but sometimes the watercolor paper is just what the doctor ordered... =)

  8. The plain paper looks sharp, but the textured paper adds to the watercolor allure. Like in water color, all the color doesn't soak into the paper in all spots. I like them both and I think it is amazing how close you came to the same design on both sheets of paper. I love the iris' the best, so beautiful. Great job, Joanne.

  9. The plain paper for me, love the images. Sorry I missed this before but it was mt birthday on that day and I was having a wow of a crafting day with my friends :o)
    Jackie xx


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