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Friday, August 7, 2009


You know those crummy days when you just can't quite seem to get it together - the creative juices just don't seem to flow... Well, today was one of those for me. I did manage to get this one card done, but it was a struggle for a card so simple. Guess it's time to go to the beach and chill out. I need to get my creative karma back!


  1. Joanne I think your card is beautiful even if the juices weren't flowing, I think Changito is just the most awesome monkey.

    I have something on my blog for you so pop over and take a look.

    Kaye x

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments about my blog, just popped over to nose at yours & loving what I see.
    This card does not look like you have lost your mojo juices to me! xx


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