Design Teams

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I scrap lifted this design, and I'm sorry I don't remember where from to give them credit. I loved the simple layout and only two colors. I changed the colors to the light and darker orange and tweaked some of the details a bit. Thanks so much for the inspiration! It's a really fun, but simple card.


  1. Just doing some blog hopping at the moment and your card has cheered me up, the weather here is a bit dull and keeps drizzling on and off, we need some of your sunshine (no such luck)anyway will catch up with your blog again soon.

    Hugs Liz x

  2. hi so that you wher passing by on my blog thanx for your comment and now im here love your cards on your blog en I became a volger

    here its late in evening now by by tanja

  3. Hi Joanne! I LOVE this! I did one similar a few weeks back, and yours turned out great! Thanks for stopping by my blog, you're so sweet!


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