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Friday, November 7, 2014

On A Personal Note . . .

You may have noticed that I have not been around visiting my blogger friends much recently.  I was on a trip to Oregon to visit my daughter.  While there, my father became very ill and had to be admitted to intensive care.  He has been declining for some time and his body was failing.  Yesterday day I arrived home in time to be able to speak with him for a few hours while he was still cognizant.  He was in so much pain and suffering terribly.  The Dr.'s did all they could for him, but at 93 his poor body was shutting down.  He was placed in hospice late in the afternoon and and given the drugs he needed to be comfortable.  I left late in the evening and at 3:45 am this morning they called to tell me he had passed away.  It is hard, but he is not suffering any more.

On the bright side, I am so happy to announce I am going to be a GRANDMOTHER!  While visiting with with my daughter she found out, and we are all delighted!  The baby is due July 1, 1915.
The circle of life is a miraculous gift.


  1. I am so sorry to hear your sad news Jo, but as you say, your Dad is no longer in pain...hugs
    Congratulations to your daughter and to you...more hugs
    Jackie xx

  2. OH Joanne, I am soo so sorry to hear about your dad. You are in my thoughts today.
    Congratulations on your grandma news!!! Baby cards are going to be fun to make!!LOL

  3. My condolences Joanne, so sorry to hear of your loss.
    Also, congrats on the more happy news.
    Sending an extra hug
    Simply Paper Card Design

  4. My heartfelt condolences, Joanne. But how true what you said about the miraculous circle of life; many congratulations on your daughters wonderful news! Huge hugs xxx


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