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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My New Love!

Since I left Hawaii 4 years ago to care for my Pop here in Phoenix it has been so hard without my cats.  I had to leave them behind.  We lived in a very rural area with no main highways and they were free to roam, and roam they did!  If I had brought them here to a busy neighborhood, I am sure they would not have survived.  Cars were nothing to them and I know they would have gotten hit.  I never would have forgiven myself for that, so I found them good homes in our neighborhood.

NOW, I have finally gotten a NEW BABY!!!  His name is ZAZU and is 9 weeks old.  What a little lovie fur ball he is!  He follows me everywhere, is always wanting to cuddle and hug - 
He has taken quite an interest in my card making too, lol!  He loves to watch my Silhouette when it is cutting.  Just adorable!

It is so GREAT to have a sweet kitty again!


  1. Your new kitty is adorable. Love the pic with Zazu and the Silhouette.

  2. So cute! i have a kitty assistant when I'm making cards, also. I have learned to keep my cards covered with cardboard when I leave my desk. Ella thinks it's her job to take apart what I've put together!

  3. zazu is so cute!!! so happy for you... =)

  4. Hi Joanne!! :)
    How are you? :) So happy seeing this cute Zazu accompany you!
    Miss you xxx


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