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Monday, April 7, 2014

Beautiful Butterflies!

This past weekend I spent a fantastic day with three fabulous sisters.  I am honored to be the fourth one, the "Sister By Choice!"  (SBC)  We spent the day at a beautiful place called "Butterfly Wonderland".  It is a huge exhibit on butterflies and includes a spectacular enclosure where they fly free, 22,000 of them!  Absolutely gorgeous.  They come from the Amazon and South America, and believe it or not, they fly them to the exhibit in specially made boxes by Federal Express.  They are in their chrysalis form, not yet hatched.  We saw some hatching and it was incredible.

I took so many pictures and they came out beautiful - all were taken on my cell phone!  I swear that camera is better than my regular good camera!

I wanted to thank the gals for such a fun time and decided to make each of them a card.  Each card was inspired by this wonderful day!

I know that the cards can never compare to the natural beauty of the real butterflies, but I know that they will appreciate my attempt!!!

Love you SISTERS!!!


  1. Stunning photographs Jo, and beautiful cards. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my work :o)
    Jackie xx

  2. Ooops, I clicked the button by accident before I was finished. Your butterfly cards are absolutely stunning!

  3. Gorgeous cards Joanne and beautiful butterfly pictures too!! Looks like you ladies had a fabulous day!
    big hugs, Tammy

  4. Fabulous butterfly designs, Joanne! I can see why you were inspired to make them!!


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