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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge #2

Hello and welcome to the second craft challenge over at DDCC!  We are doing a great craft challenge this month that will be something you can use time and time again.  How about making your own "Light  Box" for taking pictures of your great creations!  There are many variations and designs for making one.  I researched a lot of designs on the web before doing mine.  For me, the main challenge was to make one that did not take up a lot of space.  I am living with my Dad and caring for him and my space is VERY limited.  I have NO PLACE to store a full light box.  So I decided to design one that collapses and can be put behind my dresser!  Here is how I did it:

Cardboard Box
 Old White Sheet
Sheet of White Poster Paper 22"x28"
Sharp Knife


1)  Cut all top flaps from box                          

2) Cut at seams on three sides and cut off ONE top piece and save for later

3) On the two side flaps and saved piece, cut a "window" 2" in from each side

4) Cut three pieces of sheet one inch larger on each side than each window

5) Start with removed window piece.  Lay sheet piece flat, center window piece on top

6)  Cut diagonal slit at each corner for easy folding at corners

7)  Starting at bottom, pull up all edges of sheet and tape to the cardboard window.  Proceed to each side of window making sure your sheet is tight and tape to cardboard piece.

 Turned over it will look like this!

8)  Repeat this process on the two other sides making sure smooth finished side is to the INSIDE!

9)  Cut your poster paper the width of the inside of the box and insert into the inside of the box so that it is slightly curved - DO NOT CREASE in the back!

10)  Lay your top window piece across the top and 
you have the finished box!

To put it all away I removed the top and the poster paper, folded up the bottom, and then the sides inward.  I put all the pieces in a pile and it slides in behind my dresser!   So, VOILA, a collapsible light box!  It's not even two inches thick! 

To light my box I used my desk lamp.  I am taking my pictures inside, so I sat the box on top of my high dresser and put the lamp on the side.  I think having two lamps would be better, but I used what I had.

First I must tell you that I usually take pictures of my cards in my bedroom. I am lucky as there is a LOT of natural light in the room.
This first pic is IN THE LIGHT BOX.

My usual place:

It was a super project!  And I think for most people the light box would be the best option.  But for me, where I am now, I think I prefer my pics without the box.  Some day when I have my craft room back and have the room to set up the box permanently and use two lights, I think the results will be much better.

Jump on over to DDCC to see the other great light boxes the gals have made and see their results.  I think you will find it quite interesting!  Each of us had a great time doing this project.  Try one and see how it works out for you.  It is simple and didn't even take me an hour to complete!


  1. What a great idea! Thankyou for sharing the pictures!!!!

  2. yikes! this is brilliant! its a way ive seen many lightboxes made, including mine but one thing i hated was because i assumed it was a box, it would never just fold away like that - thats a cracking bit of design! i never imaged a lightbox made from an actual box would fold away lol great work! and once again, it makes such a difference to your projects!

  3. Love that the box folds flat! That was one of my must haves when I was thinking about what I wanted from this challenge. But I didn't even consider doing it this way....You're one very cleaver lady.
    I do agree that your regular photo place is so great that it is kind of hard to beat. When you get your craftroom back, you'll be all set with a lightbox ready to go!
    Great job!!
    Dreamtime Designs Craft Challenge Design Team
    Queen Bee Paper Crafts

  4. What a great step by step tutorial Joanne. And how impressive that a cardboard light box can fold too! What a neat idea for someone with limited space. Your light box looks fab, but I do agree your normal pic has better colouring etc. I think however though if you were ever limited by light and needed to revert back to your light box, an extra light or daylight bulbs will help bring it on par with your usual pics. Great job Joanne x
    Little Pear Tree

  5. I love your tutorial. It is so funny to see how each of us did it in a different way. Your lightbox is great and I guess a lot of followers will use your step by step tutorial, it is so well explained. Your picture is also beautiful. You can clearly see the difference! Hugs, Cindy

  6. Brilliant idea, thank you for sharing. Love that gorgeous card :o)
    Jackie xx

  7. Hi Joanne,
    Wow, I love how your lightbox folds away like that. Wish I had thought about doing that with mine lol. I love how you have used the sheet on the sides. Great idea. I love that you have heaps of natural light & I agree that your design is a lot more clearer & brighter with the filtered light. However, you never know when you may need to take photo's on a dark stormy day. I hope you may need your lightbox one day so that you can get some use out of it now that you have created such a wonderful design. I love your card too. Did you use a punch for the flower petals? It looks gorgeous hun. Great tutorial too :) Thank you so much for doing a fantastic job on the challenge :) Hugs, Lisa.

    Dreamtime Designs – My Blog
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    My designs @ Etsy

  8. WOW!! Superb! Folded lightbox, what a briliant idea, dear Joanne.
    Anyway, seems we have the same problem by having just one desk lamp. LOL.
    But I envy your usual place to take picture of your card. Really beautiful result, Joanne,
    What a sweet card you made, Joanne, like you. hehe xxx


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