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Thursday, February 21, 2013


Hello all.  This is not card or craft related, but I just HAD to share!  Yesterday we had a real cold storm with lots and lots or rain.  Then late in the afternoon we got a BIG surprise!  SNOW!!!!  Now that is something you really don't see HERE very often!  In fact I have NEVER seen it here in the city like this!  Usually if we do get some, it never sticks to the ground, it just melts as it nears the ground.  Some areas of the city really got socked!  Take a look at what we had yesterday!

It didn't last long, and in our area it was only a dusting, but it sure 
made my day!


  1. Joanne,
    Thanks for leaving me such a sweet comment on my blog! It led me to your blog, which I love! You have some darling cards!! I wish I could trade snow falls with you today. It has been snowing here all afternoon & we are expecting from 6-7 inches before it stops. Along with 20mph winds! Yuk!

  2. OMG, over here in England we certainly don't expect to see photographs of snow in Arizona!!!!! :o)
    Jackie xx


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