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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Oh boy, oh boy!  Santa delivered my Christmas present early!!!  A few weeks back I did an terrible thing...  I dropped my Cricut as I was picking it up off the floor where it sits when not in use, and I dropped it!  I was so upset!  It rattled the insides and will no longer put enough pressure pushing down the arm that holds the blade to cut ~ it's cutting air!  I was sick to my stomach!  I cried!  When I told my Dad he said, "Well, I guess Santa will have to bring you a new one."  So, I started researching the new machines and settled on the Sihlouette Cameo.


It is amazing!  Cutting machines have come a looooooong way!  I wanted a machine that I could use all my SVG files in, my Sure Cuts A Lot program, importing and tracing was very important to me.  Well this new Cameo does all of this and SO much more.  I am having so much fun designing and can't wait to get started.  FUN!!!  THANX Pop!  Four years ago he got me my Cricut and now he got me my Cameo, he is my Santa!


  1. Lucky girl! Have fun with your new toy, Jx

  2. I have two Cricuts. I guess I would have to drop them both. Have fun playing with the new machine!

  3. Hi Jo, enjoy your new machine. My Cricut will be 6 years old in February and still going strong. I know it's not all singing all dancing like the latest but it will do me until it dies :o)
    Jackie xx

  4. WOW, what an awesome Santa!! LOL! Enjoy!
    Tammy x


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