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Friday, July 20, 2012


TGIF everyone!  I haven't posted anything yet this week.  I was busy with life.  SO many card ideas and not enough time!  In any case, this was a quickie I did this morning.  I made a lot of changes on the original art because I wanted to use the cherry background paper.  The original cup had holly berries on it so I changed it to cherries to fit my idea.  I had colored the whole cup and was mounting it when I saw I had smudged bright red ink all over it, aggghhhhhh!  I had to do it all over again, such a waste of Copic ink and my time.  But hey, I sometimes do dumb things, I'm human!  (At least that sounds like a good excuse to me, lol!)

I hope you have a nice weekend, and to those who are suffering in the heat, drink lots of water and keep cool!


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