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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


My cards have been done since way before Thanksgiving, now I just need to get them in the mail~!  The tree is up and the houses is decorated so the cards go out tomorrow, then the baking begins, oh joy!  These two cards are very simple ones.  Some gold embossing fitted into a pre-cutout card and a stamped message.  I have not made as many layered cards this year to keep the postage $$ down.  When you send 40 cards it starts to get a bit pricey!  I try not to think of myself as "cheap", just thrifty!

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  1. These are simply gorgeous! Last year I did buttons and bows on my cards and the postage was so out of is ok if you are sending only a few!!!So I totally understand your route you are going this year! I am doing the same thing!
    I just love your gold embosssing I think it just makes it so elegant!


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