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Saturday, February 27, 2010


We are sure hoping that things are not too bad!  It's supposed to hit at 11:05 am this morning - it's appx. 8:15 am our time now.  I live on the west side of the island at 400 ft. and we are safe.  The southeast end where Hilo is located will most likely get the worst of it.  They have had quite a few tsunamis over the years and some have been devastating.  At the moment we can here the warning sirens blaring.  All of the islands of our state could be affected, so pray for everyone!


  1. Hi Joanne
    Heard about the earthquake and possible Tsunami heading your way. Hope you and your family will be safe. Please issue a post when the danger has passed so that we know all is well
    Love sarah XXX

  2. OMG Joanne.I heard about the awful earthquake in Chile but i did't realise that it will affect Hawaii.Take care.I hope everything will be fine for everyone.You are in my thoughts.

  3. I have been watching the live news streaming on the internet and thinking of you and our other friends living in Hawaii. I pray all are safe and heed the warning sirens to retreat to safety.
    Take care friend.

  4. Hi. Hope you and your family are safe and that precautions have worked and all is fine. Take care!
    Hugs, SannaS


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