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Sunday, January 10, 2010


This sure was a fun project!  I was looking through some card making books on and came across this fold which I had not seen before.  It looked fun, so I dove in!  I love the way the little cards inside flip one direction then the other - hence, the flip-flop name!  It is an accordion fold down the middle that gives it its unique look.  I used SCAL for the circle on the front.  It's part of a great group of freebies over at SVG (click here to download it if you have the SCAL program!)    

In all the card was a bit labor intensive, but only because I wanted both sides of the smaller inside panels to be "finished off" on both sides.   It was fun putting on all the different little sentiments on each one...



I also discovered a great video today over at StampTV  that shows a gadget called the "Bow Easy" used to make perfect bows.  It's really a neat gadget:

I was impressed, so I decided to track one down.  I found one on e-bay for $6 but decided I wasn't THAT impressed, so, I made one of my own out of card board and it works great!  Neccesity Is The Mother Of Invention!!!


  1. Wow! What a beautiful card! Do you have the dimensions and "how tos" that you would be willing to share? It is a really neat card!

  2. Wonderful card!! I too am interested in the dimensions and the how to for the card.


  3. WOW!!!!! Brilliant card!!! Love it!!! =)

  4. It's fantastic Joanne! I LOVE this one! What a neat and unique card! I really have to be in the mood to step outside my comfort-zone and try a new technique, and this one I might have to LOL!

    And I LOVE my bow-easy! You MADE one? Coool!

  5. wow...what an awesome card. You must have had lots of patience making this beautiful card!LOL
    Love it Love it!

  6. As always Mom your Card is Fantastic!!!! I cant wait to see what you made for Travis and I!!!

    Maybe your trip out here to Oregon will give you new inspiration to do Pine Trees :-)

    21 days and counting till you here!!!! Love You

  7. Joanne, this is AWESOME. Do you have a tutorial, cut file or instructions. It is a very impressive card! Well done!

  8. Great card Joanne!! Never seen it before.Congratulations!

  9. Fantastic card, looks quite complex. Love the colour scheme :o)
    Jackie xx


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