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Friday, October 9, 2009

O M G ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I'M IN SHOCK AND PAIN!!!!!!!! I turned on my Cricut to work this morning and no response!!!!!!!!!! After calling customer support and trying numerous solutions, it's official.... SHE'S DEAD!!!!! I know I use her a lot, but not to excess. What a shame. I have to contact customers to let them know things are running behind. Good news is, I paid for upgraded 2 day shipping and it should be here by next Wednesday - I SURE HOPE SO!!! WAAAAHHHHH!!!! I'M SO SAD!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, I own one of these. I hope this does not happen to me! I think I would cry!

  2. Oh no!!! R.I.P. dear Cricut, you will be missed... What a bummer!!

  3. Thanx so much for the condolences, I appreciate your support! I know the new one will be here soon, but I have things to make NOW!!!

  4. Wow..I hardly use mine...I wonder if it is just the cord?? anyway..good luck with that :)

  5. Oh no Joanne, that's not good! I too own one (got it 2 Christmases ago) and I sure hope that doesn't happen!

    I totally understand though...when you've got customers and deadlines, you need to get things completed in a certain amount of time....I'll be crossing my fingers you get it sooner than expected!

  6. I am so sorry Joanne, I know how much these machines mean to us crafters. A similar thing happened to mine, it would be fine one minute then not the next, my husband got a friend to look at it and there was a fault with the on/off switch. We could either replace the switch or he could solder the switch permanently on, which is what we went with. So I had to turn it on and off at the plug but it still worked.

    Kaye x

  7. Hi Joanne, hope your surviving, I don't own one of those cricut's but I hope you soon get your new one and enjoy yourself xx
    PS: thanks for your lovely comments xx


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