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Saturday, July 25, 2009


Well, it's hard to believe, but today I didn't design one card!!! Instead, I made some paper designs for making cards. I used a technique called the "shaving cream" technique. You put a pile of shaving cream on a plate, sprinkle drops of ink on top, take a knife and drag it through the ink in the shaving cream, then lay your paper on top and push it into the cream. Lift it out, squiggy off the cream and VOILA! Beautiful designs on the paper. I found the best results when using an every day photo paper - the semi gloss worked really well. Amazing and fun! Below the pictures is the link to where you can watch the video to the technique:


  1. Joanne I've got a heap of those shaving cream papers from years ago. Made loads- like you do -used one or two and couldn't bear to throw the rest away. Looks good with metallic calligraphy inks added. Yours look gorgeous. Might have another go sometime. Love BettyXXX

  2. Thanks for all the love! Man, this is a cool technique....looks like another one to add to the try it list, hehe.


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